Ja ziemas nakts Lisabona


  • Lisabona
  • Stasya
  • Vaiva
  • Irmina
  • Katja
  • Sarah

Music by Die Stadt featuring Cyborgdrive except 'Katja' by Die Stadt ft. Olga B. (from Aura Noctis) and 'Sarah' by Die Stadt.

Mastered and produced by Paco Butrón.

All pictures by Vaiva Danieliutė. Used with kind permission from Vaiva Foto.

Published by Kalma Records

Inspired by the city of Lisbon. Dedicated to Stasya Stepanova, Vaiva Danieliuté, Irmina Majchrzak, Katja Nikolajenko y Sarah Schmidt.

Ja ziemas nakts Lisabona minisite