About Die Stadt

The project

The Die Stadt project was started by Antonio Montilla (Spain, 1979) in 2007, with the humble intention of contributing to the local avant-garde and experimental electronic music scene. From the very beginning, Die Stadt was defined as an open project, looking for collaborations with different artists, both musicians and from different artistic disciplines. The idea was to put electronic music into environments and concepts where its presence is not usual.

The concept

Die Stadt buries its main roots into the European electronic music tradition. On one hand, classic auteurs from electronic music in France (Jean-Michel Jarre) or Germany (Krafterk); on the other hand, the ambient and downtempo styles of Scandinavia (Solar Fields) and middle Europe (Aes Dana).

As the name itself indicates, the subject in Die Stadt’s works is mainly the city (‘die Stadt’ means ‘the city’ in German). It is all about taking inspiring elements from the urban environment and playing with them conceptually, through music and sound.