Dentro del Mosaico. Launch night.

November 23rd, 2019
Local History Center (Cantillana, Seville)

The presentation of the album ‘Dentro del Mosaico‘ took place in the most suitable place possible: in the Local History Center of Cantillana, next to the Dolphin Mosaic itself: a spectacular archaeological piece from the 3rd century A.D. which has served as inspiration for the composition. The very limited capacity of the place created great expectation in the presentation of the project, which in addition to the musical section includes a website with all the information related to the mosaic and its finding.

This event was attended by the mayor of the City of Cantillana, Angelines García Macías; the Councilor Delegate for Education, Culture and Tourism, Carlos J. Carvajal Lozano and the archeologist José Antonio Valiente, discoverer of the mosaic. Victor Manuel Maqueda was responsible for conducting the event, broadcast live on Radio Cantillana.

After the different interventions of the members of the table and a question time for the attendees, the event closed with the live interpretation of a fragment of the album ‘Dentro del Mosaico‘.